Clmn is a beautiful native task board app for macOS. It is thoughtfully simple and incredibly efficient; offering just the right amount of functionality without any unnecessary frills. Clmn is specifically designed for professionals who primarily work on laptops.

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🚀 Multiple columns at once

Visibility is essential. Clmn displays multiple task columns simultaneously, providing an overview of all tasks within the same domain.

Tasks within a list may be further organized into groups.

Lists + Groups + Tasks == Get Things Done.

⚡ Nothing fancy, just enough

There is nothing fancy about Clmn. A task is simply a task, and that’s all. Everything else distracts from the focus.

Clmn offers just enough functionality:

  • Order tasks in lists and groups.
  • Complete a task. Click
  • Mark tasks as in progress. ⌘ + Click
  • Cancel a task. ⌥ + Click
  • Drag’n’drop tasks around the board.
  • Coloured backgrounds for tasks.
  • Select a task and show notes with details.
  • Use markdown for all text.
  • Link to tasks using URLs.
  • Use keyboard: ⌘ + ⏎ to save, Esc to dismiss.

🎁 How much it costs?

Clmn is free. It is open-source as well.

It takes time and effort to develop, distribute, maintain, and provide support for the app. If you enjoy using it, please consider supporting us by purchasing it. Your support would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much! 🙏

Download DMG

v1.0.4 macOS 12+ Intel, Apple Silicon

🔮 Future plans

Clmn is a young app. It is already useful, but there is plenty of room for improvement. Here are some ideas:

  • [ ] Search for tasks.
  • [ ] Filter tasks.
  • [ ] Sort tasks by priority.
  • [ ] Share tasks with others.
  • [ ] Customize colours.
  • [ ] Customize fonts.
  • [ ] Attach images to tasks.

💁‍♂️ FAQ

> I hate hover buttons!

No worries! Turn off this feature in the settings :)

> What about my co-workers?

Clmn is a local app, exclusive to your tasks only.

> No due dates or calendar or…?

No stars, important flags, priorities, sublists, even due dates, reminders, pomodoros… Clmn is not that kind of app. Instead, it intentionally keeps things super simple: less is more. You either dedicate yourself to your tasks or find an excuse :)

New features will be added very thoughtfully.

> iOS love?

Clmn is currently a Mac-only application. It is designed for professionals that spend most of their time behind big screens and laptops. We are considering making an iOS app, but not any time soon.